welcome to the theatre!

At T-Ville, we're proud of our craft, on stage and off. From acting and singing, to design and construction, our students take pride in learning and doing, and having a lot of fun in the process. Come take a class, audition for a show, lend your help with a hammer or a drill, or just sit back and relax at one of our award-winning performances, in either our classic Auditorium, or in the intimate J. Russell Johnson Little Theatre.

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Daily announcements

- It's been quite a while since we updated this site! So sorry for the long wait - it's been a heck of a year, ya know!

Twelfth Night and She Kills Monsters auditions are now complete. Check the costume shop door for the cast list! Thank you to everyone who auditioned! 

Anastasia just ended! Thank you to everyone who participated and watched tis production. If you were in the cast, share your photos with us here!

UTA - Utah Theatre Association Confrence is coming up! Pay a deposit to the bookstore by Nov. 30 if you would like to come. The dates for UTA are Janurary 12th through the 14th down in Orem!

- Join Drama Club! To join, make sure that you fill out the form on this website and pay $25 to the bookstore! Our next activity is our Holiday Movie night on December 16th!