welcome to the theatre!

At T-Ville, we're proud of our craft, on stage and off. From acting and singing, to design and construction, our students take pride in learning and doing, and having a lot of fun in the process. Come take a class, audition for a show, lend your help with a hammer or a drill, or just sit back and relax at one of our award-winning performances, in either our classic Auditorium, or in the intimate J. Russell Johnson Little Theatre.

join us!

Daily announcements

- It's almost time for a new year! 2021-2022 is going to be a blast, so check in frequently for updated info!

- Our last summer activity will be a DIVE IN to Christmas in July! Come hang out, eat treats, watch White Christmas, and swim! Follow our social media accounts for info!

- Auditions for White Christmas are coming up in August! Prepare a 30-second song and PRACTICE like crazy! Memorize and make strong character choices, and sign up for a slot on the costume shop door starting on the first day of school!